Speed Bumps Ahead

About Speed Bumps Ahead

A brilliant young, man from a coal town in Pennsylvania, has his naval air career cut short during the Vietnam War. He chooses a business path on which he hopes to make significant contributions to his employer and his co-workers but he must recon with the speed bumps that lie along the route.

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A Reluctant Lover

About A Reluctant Lover

A light romantic novelette about a marine veteran working his way through Columbia University and the co-ed whom he befriends.
The friendship leads down the path of love,
a condition he tried to avoid because of the wide gap in their social status.

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Double Helix

About Double Helix

The friendship began that bright day in the sixth grade class when she felt the slight tug on one of her curls. It survived separation through the years he served with OSS while she photographed GIs and civilian victims of World War II.

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Do Generals Just Fade Away

About From West Point to the Pentagon

In this sequel to "From West point to the Pentagon", Abby and Jerry are just entering their early retirement on the Big Island when Abby received a letter from her former superior. He asks her to meet with a "Davey Jones", a cover name for an agent, who has need for her special talent, which could thwart a terrorist attack. That is only the first distraction to her retirement plans.

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From West Point to the Pentagon

About Do Generals Just Fade Away

A brilliant young adolescent girl, critical of the lack of conviction by some Union generals during the civil war, dreams of serving her nation and the Commander in Chief. Her opportunity arrives when women become eligible to apply for admission to the Military Academy at West Point. She travels a long, difficult and lonely journey from NATO, to Czechoslovakia, behind the Iron Curtain, to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan and Afghanistan. Her brilliance and courage draws the attention of the Brass at the Pentagon.

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Snapshots of Courage

About Snapshots of Courage

The women in the 7 fictional books represent a much larger number of courageous women who, in spite of strong opposition, have made and continue to make an impact on our world. My hope for this book is to present, in historical fiction form, seven women whose courage was tested and was not found wanting. Some of the names may be familiar but the background stories may surprise the reader.

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About Invaders

The quiet coastal city of Sana Cruz is being targeted by the Mob. Maggie O'Toole, former Marine Provost Marshal, recently retired, heads a task force created to face the threat. Is it prostitution, extortion, protection, gambling, the numbers racket or some combination?

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A Challenging Journey

About A Challenging Journey

The journey begins in his elementary schooldays and moves through high school to a university to the killing fields in Iraq to a hospital. In the midst of convalescence and rehabilitation, Michael finds his calling to serve. His journey takes him from Los Angeles, to the refugee camps the Middle East and Harlem in New York. Come along for the ride.

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Accidental Son

About Accidental Son

Love versus Ethics.
A sharp teenager from a poor family runs small errands for a Mafioso, who takes a liking to the boy. The Mafioso and his wife virtually adopt the young man and provide opportunities for his advancement and growth. As the young man matures, his ethical beliefs put him at odds with the two people he has come to love.

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Where Am I?

About Where Am I?

A young woman, the lone survivor of an airliner crash in the mountains of Nepal, walks into a poor mountain village. She has minor injuries, has no identification, has no memory of past events or who she is. From this village she begins a journey that takes years to discover her identity and return to the ones she loves.

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Love Abounds

About Love Abounds

Four unique love stories. Two books contain a blend of young love, mature love and love the second time around.
One story is about the deep friendship that begins when two boys are not yet school age.
The last is very short story of love of two mountain climbing twins.

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Tales of Love and War

About Tales of Love and War

Three aviators and their women experience life with peril and love in the midst of World War II. Their lives become intertwined and interdependent like the branches of ivy on the walls of a Harvard building.

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Pure Grit

About Pure Grit

Some heroism are acknowledged by a public award, and widely published by the media. Occasionally the true value of a heroic act is not understood for generations.
What is true for all heroes but seldom understood by the public is the penalty that is paid by each of those heroes. Many have mountains of resistance to overcome and draining energy to expend before they achieve their victories.
Here are a series of short stories of the grit and pain endured in order to climb their personal mountains.

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Sara's husband, David, was certain that no other woman at this time in history had dared to compete in a man's world and risen to the top in such a brief time. She thought he exaggerated but he felt that it was important for the world to hear her story.

He challenged her to convert her journal notes into a memoir.

This is the story, in her own words, that tells of the thrill and adventure as well as the resistance and the challenges that faced her during the two decades following World War II.

She was, indeed, a woman ahead of her time.

Edward (Tab) Tablak

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Unexpected Life Journeys

In 'Unexpected Life Journeys', the reader will experience eleven short stories of adventure, risk, love, danger, personal challenge, tragedy and redemption.

You are invited to take the journey with Barney in the OSS in war-ravaged Italy, with Laura as she gives comfort to AIDS patients, or Joyce as she exposes her body for the sharks on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

Edward (Tab) Tablak

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Pursuing Her Dream

Cathy dreamed of a career as an outstanding journalist, working for one of the major newspapers of the country.

Her folks encouraged the dream that would see her far from the poverty and dust of coal mines that had taken the lives of family and neighbors

A scholarship to Barnard in New York is but the beginning of career that covers battle zones in Vietnam and Israel and her pursuit of independence for women as had been nurtured within her during her teen years.

Edward (Tab) Tablak

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A collection of poems and prayers.

Rev. Dr. Ken Henry

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Through the Heart of the South

Every instinct Chris McAndrew developed growing up in his railroad town tells him the safe course for a white student who favors high school integration is to hold his tongue until he graduates and go s to college.

That’s what girlfriend Susan Marks wants him to do. It’s what town patriarch Grampy Harvard demands. But Monteenia, his family maid, sends him to Shortridge High each morning with breakfast and a clean shirt. Malachi Stevens, the new football teammate he comes to respect, gets a raw deal from their coaches. And Mr. Cooper, the glee club director, risks his job for his singers.

Chris knows where his loyalties should lie, but what price is he willing to pay to do the right thing?

THROUGH THE HEART OF THE SOUTH blends Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help,” exploring the South’s convoluted racial mores around domestic servants, with life in a culture that demands conformity from the young men it produces, like Pat Conroy’s “The Lords of Discipline.”

Jody Meacham


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A Woman of Intelligence

Recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence,Diane, the protagonist of this story, serves in our Embassies in Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, Tunisiaand Turkey in the years prior to the Arab Spring. Under the guise of an Embassy staff member she isa seeker of information while she hobnobs With royalty as well as the upper echelons of various foreign governments. The alternate side of her duties puts her into company with underground groupsopposed to their country’s leaders. Hers is a life of intrigue and ever present potential risk.

Edward (Tab) Tablak

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A Second Chance

A collection of fictional short stories by Tab. Most human beings can find themselves looking for a second chance during their life time. Some have experiences that placed them in desperate situations. This book depicts seven individuals who need a boost in order to right their lives.

Edward (Tab) Tablak

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Tab's Life Story

About Tab's Life

Tab's Life takes you on journey for which he is thankful he lived. Shared with June, the great love of his life; he takes us from a small town in Pennsylvania, twice around the world and back to his final home in California. Tab tells the tale of a man who experienced much of his journey in service to others. Loving father, naval pilot, serial entrepreneur. His family and friends are thankful for his story that tells of the major events that shaped the man called Tab.

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About Yearnings

A short collection of poetry written by friends and family of Tab. You will find yourself both delighted and deeply moved as you sense the feelings of these poets.

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A Smile In Church

About A Smile In Church

A short collection of poetry penned by another friend of Tab. Evelyn is a former resident and missionary in Korea. This collection opens with a lament for old China

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About Anna

Adopted from a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan at the age of four, Anna comes to the States with her new parents. Her teachers discover her genius and drive. This precocious young woman decides to choose a vocation in medicine that will allow her to help other disenfranchised children grow to maturity without physical defects that may limit their choices.

Experience with Anna, a woman of strength and tenderness's, her life of creativity, of giving and of loving.

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Martha and Michael

About Martha and Michael

A Journey Under Construction

Dr. Michael Fuller has a dream of becoming a pediatric surgeon. His journey becomes a struggle to overcome unexpected obstacles, road blocks and detours. In moments of sheer frustration, he finds the love and support from his beloved, his father and his medical colleagues to continue pursuing his dream.

You are invited to take the journey with Michael just as Martha is doing.

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Reconciled A Book of Short Stories

About Reconciled

Twelve very short stories. Each can be read within fifteen minutes

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Life is What Happens When

About Life is What Happens When

Roadblocks, detours and delays are part of every life journey. The measure of life is not the avoidance of problems but the degree to which we take on the obstacles that fall across our paths. You may find some identification with the characters in these stories.

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Twentieth Century Jeremiah

About Twentieth Century Jeremiah

Following your heart can be lonely and risky if you are determined to speak for the people of your nation, especially if it means challenging Presidents, Senators and the head of the FBI.

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